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Howard Construction handles commercial and residential excavation projects of all categories. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to excavate for any project. We are familiar with working aside engineers, builders, and other contractors to accomplish project objectives.

Excavation is essential for various significant construction projects. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to laser level all of the excavation jobs we perform. We are familiar with excavating new foundations installing pools, driveways, patios, walkways. We also excavate trenches for underground utilities, whether installing new or fixing existing utilities.

We have years of experience excavating drainage solutions, worksite preparation, pool installations, foundation excavations, emergency plumbing service excavation, trenching for underground utilities, and excavation of natural objects. Our professionals are keen on land grades and elevations from years of experience. We maintain excellent operation skills even when performing in tight spaces.

Whether your project is big or small, we want to help you accomplish your goals! We work alongside landscape designers, engineers, builders, and homeowners to tackle projects! We are licensed and insured contractors servicing New Jersey for over two decades. Howard Construction began as an excavation company before expanding services in various related fields. We would love to help you with your project. Contact us for a free estimate!

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Howard Construction is a trusted local contractor from Central New Jersey for commercial and residential exterior construction projects. Services include all-purpose excavating, trench excavation, drainage solutions, underground utilities, concrete work, earthwork, site preparation, and demolition. Whether a project is big or small, we want to help you tackle it! Our lead operator has over fifteen years of excavation experience excavating and demolishing alongside landscape designers, engineers, builders, and homeowners. 


We are operating with all required licenses and insurance. We strive to complete projects correctly and promptly, saving our customers time and money. We operate to build future reputation and relations and do not take shortcuts in our work. Let us help you accomplish your goals.


We Service All of New Jersey

Call or Email our experts for a free consultation.

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