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Flooding and moisture in a room or bedroom negatively affect the value of a property. If left untreated, the water moisture becomes a dangerous hazard to the health of occupants. As water becomes stagnant, it promotes the growth of efflorescence, mold, and mildew. These substances can carry throughout a house or building via ventilation, causing health issues for the people and animals dwelling in the structure. Cosmetically, prolonged exposure to water will damage and destroy carpets, woodwork, drywall, and personal belongings.

Various causes generate excess water on properties. It is essential to fix and maintain water drainage systems to avoid water build-up near buildings or structures. Heavy rain and groundwater are often the culprits of moisture and flooding in interior rooms. The foundation's waterproof coat and PVC drainage system will last longer if excess water does not come in contact with them.

Inadequate or clogged gutters and downspouts generate excess water causing a build-up around the foundation of buildings and stagnant water patches on lawns.

Improper land level or grading will carry water towards structures, causing moisture to seep into the foundation.
Excess water near a building acts as a solvent effortlessly seeping through the porous concrete foundation and first course of block. The penetrated water eventually finds its way into the rooms above. Multiple conditions compromise existing foundation waterproofing forcing moisture and flooding in rooms.

Improperly laid foundations have voids resulting in leaks. A properly installed foundation waterproofing methods become frail and need replacement over time. Foundation drains will eventually clog with collected silt and sediment from soil and mud. Foundations and the blocks under houses and buildings consist of porous materials. Inherently, they absorb moisture if not appropriately managed. Foundation waterproofing coats crack over time, creating voids for water to seep through, leaving the foundation susceptible to water contact.

Natural factors compromise foundations and bring moisture into the interior of buildings.
Trees can carry excess water, and their roots can penetrate concrete foundations causing openings for water. The stack effect occurs when warm air in the basement rises, creating negative pressure, consequently drawing moisture through cracks in the foundation.

The experts at Howard Construction can handle any waterproofing and drainage issue you may be experiencing or want to prevent. Waterproofing foundations with liquid rubber coating and creating a gravel trench is vital to keep a dry building or structure. Poorly laid foundations have voids. Liquid rubber sealant covers the openings and forms a hard shell when cured. A gravel trench along a foundation will redirect water and prevent moisture from penetrating the foundation.

To waterproof a foundation first, we will clear the project site of debris and obstructions. Then excavate to the footer along the foundation wall and clean it off. Install French drains, gravel, and perforated pipe schedule 40 PVC. The pipe will be discharging excess water to either daylight or a sump pump. Next, we will seal the wall seams with liquid rubber. Finally, we backfill the trench with soil.

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Howard Construction is a trusted local contractor from Central New Jersey for commercial and residential exterior construction projects. Services include all-purpose excavating, trench excavation, drainage solutions, underground utilities, concrete work, earthwork, site preparation, and demolition. Whether a project is big or small, we want to help you tackle it! Our lead operator has over fifteen years of excavation experience excavating and demolishing alongside landscape designers, engineers, builders, and homeowners. 


We are operating with all required licenses and insurance. We strive to complete projects correctly and promptly, saving our customers time and money. We operate to build future reputation and relations and do not take shortcuts in our work. Let us help you accomplish your goals.


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