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Howard Construction is a trusted local contractor from Central New Jersey for commercial and residential exterior construction projects. Services include all-purpose excavating, trench excavation, drainage solutions, underground utilities, concrete work, earthwork, site preparation, and demolition. Whether a project is big or small, we want to help you tackle it! Our lead operator has over fifteen years of excavation experience excavating and demolishing alongside landscape designers, engineers, builders, and homeowners. 


We are operating with all required licenses and insurance. We strive to complete projects correctly and promptly, saving our customers time and money. We operate to build future reputation and relations and do not take shortcuts in our work. Let us help you accomplish your goals.


We Service All of New Jersey

Call or Email our experts for a free consultation.

Howard Construction has the expertise to tackle any drainage issue you are experiencing on your property. We use various drainage solutions depending on the cause of excess water and the property's layout. All our methods will redirect the excess water to a designated area, such as a drain or daylight.

Stagnant water can be the by-product of multiple drainage issues. Nevertheless, the water needs to be redirected and dispersed. Not every property is the same; some need more rigorous methods to eliminate extra water. Howard Construction can excavate a trench to create any solution your property needs. Our experts' laser measures every inch to provide a precise slope, using gravity to carry trouble water off a property.

Wet areas in yards and lawns result from a property's inability to disperse extra water it receives from groundwater or rain showers. Adjacent properties with natural water flow either above or underground can be carried by gravity to your yard, creating flooding and wet lawn spots. Excess water causing wet areas on properties is more than an eyesore. Wet spots prevent healthy ecosystems from establishing. Multiple yard layers are affected, from discolored grass to damp soil, causing mold, mildew, and fungus.

Gutters and downspouts must work efficiently to carry the water collected to the designated drainage system. The overflow of rainwater from gutters, downspouts, or collapsed drainage systems will cause flooding in yards, on lawns, and near foundations.

Our solutions include installing trench drains, subsurface drains, downspout drains, channel drains, french drains, curtain drains, footing drains, dry wells, seepage pits, catch basins, and drainage inlets. We can excavate and grade your property to help eliminate any stagnant water issue your property is experiencing! Contact us to help you get rid of stagnant water!

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