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Emergency Sewer Line Excavation

Our excavation experts unearthed trenches to install underground utilities on a new commercial building. During the middle of January, the cold temperature causes the ground to freeze, making it hard to excavate. Upon taking time to break ground initially, we could progress adequately. The more extensive L-shaped trench we dug measures 24 inches wide by 3 feet deep and 45 feet long. The specifications of the trench adhere to the needs of the builder. The trench is for new water lines that connect the building to the town's water and sewage system. Most townships require a 3-foot deep trench for new underground utilities such as water and electrical line installations. Additionally, we helped backfill a newly installed and waterproofed foundation with dirt on the project site.

Excavation for a New Build, Trench for Water Line

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Excavate for:

New House Foundations

Pool Installation

Driveway Installation

Complete Patio Installation

Complete Walkway Installation

Land Clearing

Worksite Preparation

Grade & Level Earth

Add & Remove Soil, Dirt

Septic System Installation & Removal

Shed Foundations

Garage Foundations

Trenches for:

Retaining Walls

Gutter Drainage

Emergency Plumbing Service

Install Underground Utilities

Fix Existing Underground Utilities

Sewer Line

Water Line

Electrical Line

Utility Line

Communication Cables

Bamboo Barriers


Howard Construction has the skill and machinery to handle any commercial or residential excavation project. We are familiar with working alongside engineers, builders, and other contractors to accomplish project objectives.


Our professionals have worked in the construction industry for two decades. Choosing Howard Construction ensures your project's completion by experts promptly and correctly at a competitive rate. We stand behind our work.




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Demolition of commercial building. New Jersey


Our team of experts is on standby to help tackle any project scope. We work alongside contractors well and carry ourselves with dignity on the worksites, respecting everyone. Time is money, and you can count on us to show up for the money! Please think of us for your next commercial construction, excavation, site work, demolition, or tear-down.  

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Demolition of residential building. New Jersey


We are ready to tackle your next exterior home project! Whether a leveled backyard for entertaining friends and family or a foundation dig for a new addition on your property, we handle every job like it's for our family. We are trained and equipped for any underground utility emergency you may experience. Keep us in mind; we won't let you down! 

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Municipal asphalt, curb, and stonework. New Jersey


With over two decades of machine experience, our chief operator and crew have serviced New Jersey's various local townships and state construction projects. From schools, and township complexes, to police and fire stations, we deliver only the highest quality construction services for any municipal and government construction project. 


 Howard Construction has years of experience in excavation, demolition, underground utility solutions, site preparation, and much more! 

Our gallery is growing with every job. Please check back for updates!

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Any scope of commercial asphalt or concrete slab install for all industries. New Jersey


Whether a job is large or complex, our experts are ready to help you complete it. We efficiently prepare worksites, from clearing the land of natural objects or debris and leveling the site to excavating a foundation. Our team is here to assist you in planning a project and completing the physical work. We work well alongside contractors to accomplish any scope of work. Our operators have over two decades of experience and are ready to join a project.