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Drainage System, Gutter and Downspout Drainage, Dry Well


Clark, New Jersey

On this project, the team at Howard Construction excavated a trench to install drainage solutions in the new build of a parking lot before asphalt paving. The township requires new builds to have gutter downspouts in correlation to a dry well system. This commercial job took around 150 feet of correlated pipe to finish. Our team removed soil and laid landscape fabric on the bottom so plant roots will not penetrate the system. Then the clean stone is added to drain excess water into the ground. This system acts like a dry well providing the same benefits of water displacement.

While excavating for the dry well, we stumbled upon parts of a buried building with evident fire damage. The dry well was to be installed right above the previous structure, so we had to demolish and remove fragments of the buried structure. Eventually, we uncovered the basement concrete slab. The concrete would prevent the dry well from functioning correctly because the excess water needs to disperse into the earth beneath the well. We decided to use a jackhammer to demolish the concrete slab. Our team removed all of the debris from the work site before installing the dry well system.

Howard Construction is a trusted local contractor from Central New Jersey for commercial and residential exterior construction projects. Services include all-purpose excavating, trench excavation, drainage solutions, underground utilities, concrete work, earthwork, site preparation, and demolition. Whether a project is big or small, we want to help you tackle it! Our lead operator has over fifteen years of excavation experience excavating and demolishing alongside landscape designers, engineers, builders, and homeowners. 


We are operating with all required licenses and insurance. We strive to complete projects correctly and promptly, saving our customers time and money. We operate to build future reputation and relations and do not take shortcuts in our work. Let us help you accomplish your goals.


We Service All of New Jersey

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